About me...


Food is my career, my passion and my obsession!


Born and bred on the Isle of Wight and a full-time student at the Island’s only college, I studied Catering and Hospitality for two years, learning the traditional arts of gueridon service and classical French kitchen techniques before graduating in 1988.

Since leaving formal (and informal) education I have cooked for celebrities, worked for Ready, Steady Cook’s Tony Tobin, cooked meals for gold miners in the Australian outback and managed a team of 18 chefs at a country retreat hotel in the leafy Surrey suburbs.

My current career path has taken an alternative direction and veered off as Head of Food Development for the UK’s largest fresh food business in the foodservice sector.

I help to plan, present, inspire and provide menu solutions for some of the nation’s largest hotel, pub, and fast casual dining groups. Every day presents a new challenge and I’m blessed with being at the sharpest end of any emerging trends, products or recipe ideas.

In my spare time I like to experiment with recipes at home, keep my allotment fruitful and weed-free and compete in long distance running events.

If you are interested in me reviewing your product or if you just want to make contact for a foodie based chat, you can contact me here or find me on Twitter here.